The Impossible Gate (Part II)

It’s Darth Vader versus Obi-Wan. It’s The Rebels versus The Empire.

That’s what fighting for the environment feels like.

I think we can all agree on that!

So do you ever feel overwhelmed by what is now so aptly named “the climate crisis?”


I certainly do.

Do you ever feel stuck for what to do?

We’re part of a system, which makes it hard for us to feel like our individual actions make any difference.

If you read The Impossible Gate email I sent you a few weeks ago, then you know that me and my band, The Vone, are fighting an uphill climb as an independent act.

But, this figurative gate takes on a new meaning when you connect it to the climate emergency.

That threshold that we long to pass, one where climate chaos is in the past, feels impossible.

But, there is hope…

I’ve been inspired by my contemporaries. Bands like The Mighty Orchid King with their environmental message at the heart of their music, have made me ask:

How can I make my dreams come true in a sustainable way?

As indie artists, we have the advantage of shaping our brands and careers from start to finish.

So I’m already dreaming of ways of touring in an eco-friendly way, of making The Vone sustainable.

I’ve also been inspired to protest. That’s why me and The Vone often take to the streets — because our leaders need to be held accountable.

And we need system-wide change. Individual action will not suffice.

I’ve also been inspired to write an entire album because of this environmental impossible gate.

It’s an ambitious album, it’s long and full of different sonic scenes and genres — which is unusual for a debut album.

What can I say, The Vone like to walk off the beaten path…

Me and the band are currently releasing the first 10 minutes of this album episodically.

Part III of this mammoth overture of the album is out today (8th of October).

These opening 10 minutes set the dystopian present we are currently living in as the backdrop of the album.

Part III of these opening 10 minutes, which is out today, is a battle between a saxophone and a guitar.

To me, it sounds like Darth Vader versus Obi-Wan, good versus evil, indie artists versus the impossible gate keepers, climate activists versus oil investors…

>>> Take a listen and let me know what you think here.

Really please, hit reply and tell me your thoughts, I’m always curious.

I’ll let you be the judge of how epic this song really is…

As always, thank you for reading my email, I really appreciate it.

Keep rocking!

Marcelo — the guy who writes 10 minute-long-monster-songs.

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Rock on!



Lead singer of The Vone. Here to tell you some stories!

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