I didn’t think I’d get here so soon…

Artwork for our new single, out today on all major platforms.

You know how sometimes you daydream, picturing yourself achieving your goals?


Well here was one of mine:

I wanted to write a bombastic, cinematic, concept album and in my head, I’d only be able to do it by the time I was 40 years old and with a decent record deal.

To me, I’d need at least £100K to be able to record this album.

I always thought, “I’ll release some singles, play some gigs, maybe make a couple of music videos and with time, I’ll get onto a record label’s radar and THEN BOOM” — I’d have the funds for my masterpiece.

But, nothing could be further from what actually happened…

I love rock music so much. Everything about it. The sound. The energy. The attitude and what it stands for.

But, all the artists I see currently being signed by major labels aren’t currently making this sound that I love so much.

So, then one day I thought,

“If I knew I was going to die next year, would I still be waiting for a record deal to make my dreams come true?”

Obviously the answer was no.

That made me think outside the box, that made me think, “how can I make this album come true now?”

Why am I telling you this?

Well, I was determined to make my album become a reality and push the boundaries of my musical abilities.

The result was nothing short of surprising not just to me, but also my fans.

We’ve just released the first 5 minutes of the album, our new single arrived today, and I’m so proud of it.

This is not your average opening 5 minutes of an album.

>>> Check it out here (FOR FREE).

Hit reply and let me know if you’re excited for the next 4 minutes of the album, which lands next Friday (8th of October)!

Thanks for reading my posts,

Marcelo — the guy who said, “why not now?”

PS: If you’re curious about how I made my dream come true. I’ll tell you: it was all thanks to a lovely platform called Patreon. Thanks to The Vone’s patrons we’ve been able to record this mammoth of an album. Thanks to you, if you’re patron. And if you’re not, but you’d like to become one, the link is below.

Remember, this is the BEST way to support the band, so click here to become a Patreon supporter (and receive VIP benefits)!



Lead singer of The Vone. Here to tell you some stories!

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